Kimberly Lollis Parrish

Kimberly Lollis Parrish was born in South Carolina to an imperfect but loving family. She followed her passion for children and teaching until she was fired for refusing to change the grades of students to suit the whims of their parents. She appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to share her story...
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I Wanted Him to Die — Confronting the Dark Part of Me

I came from a background where money was scarce at times, and there was always fear there would not be enough. My granny saved everything from mayonnaise jars to matches. She hoarded because The Great Depression left a mark on her that no amount of time or money in the

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I’m Not Pureblood

Do you ever wonder where your people came from? A lot of people can trace their folks right back to royals or a specific region, but I am betting most are like me a mix of a whole lot of different places. All my life I have been told that

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I Love Lysander and Lee

Yesterday I spoke of how my Granny loved to gossip and shared my experience of how gossip hurts. There was no intent to bring shame to anyone or hurt feelings. I know what that feels like and wouldn’t do it to another. I guess I could have changed names but

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Gossiping Granny

This will be a two-part post because I do not know how to do short and sweet. 🙂 Part One Have you ever had a friend or relative who couldn’t wait to tell you the latest gossip? You know the one…they share that so and so has had an affair

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Rebel Flags and Sweet Brown Friends

      I have something on my heart that I would like to share. I’ve been sitting with this subject for awhile. It feels as scattered as I am these days but I am praying that somewhere in my words your heart is touched, and your mind says –whoa

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Raw and Real — Happy New Year

Life can be hard and depressing and even the sunniest dispositions can find the storm clouds heaping so much rain that some can’t see a way out. Soon to be thirteen years ago one of our dearest friends took his life. I think of him often but especially at the

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Watch and Learn

It’s been another beautiful day! Like every day, today has been another day to hopefully grow and look at things from a new and better angle. I’m not trying to get all morbid in my postings. The last thing I want to do is bring more gloom to the world.

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Charlie the Christmas Mouse

I’m sure my sweet little mouse picture is gross to some of you. I am going to call him Charlie the Christmas mouse and tell you how he was a sign from God and a reminder to me that sometimes we just have to let Jesus take the wheel. FYI

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The Poor Baby is Dead

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. — The Golden Rule. I knew for sure in 2007 when we were finally able to see the morgue photos of Griffen that something in our world had shifted. With that knowing came another one — that I had

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She is a Mom

I’ve heard it said that mothers would do anything for their children and family. I’m not a mom but don’t know many moms who wouldn’t agree with that. But, what exactly does that mean? If you found yourself in a predicament where your family’s safety was at risk, would you

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Part crime drama, part self-help, but totally captivating, author Kimberly Lollis Parrish shares her powerful story of love, brutal loss, and crushing grief. When her baby brother Griffen was born, he captured the hearts of everyone who met him, and Kimberly loved him... Read More ›

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